From the New Year 2020, KMO has expanded with a national return scheme for combustible refrigerants

The refrigeration industry's Environmental Scheme In collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, KMO has expanded its environmental service to include a Danish return scheme for combustible refrigerants, in parallel with KMO's existing return scheme for refrigerants.

HFC cooling gases are greenhouse gases - they block the natural cooling of solar heat and thus contribute to the greenhouse effect and the melting of the poles.

End-of-life HFC greenhouse gases must be stored and disposed of safely after use. KMO helps you with that!

In an effort to reduce the climate effect, new HFC refrigerants with a lower greenhouse effect have been manufactured. The HFOs (R1234), R32 and mixtures of them are currently the best known. Unfortunately, these new agents are flammable to varying degrees.

The flammable and "ordinary" HFC refrigerants must not be mixed together upon return. Therefore, KMO has set up a parallel scheme for flammable HFC refrigerants as a supplement to the standard return scheme.

The two schemes work the same and in parallel. When you buy refrigerant from an approved wholesaler with a return scheme, you pay e.g. a modest mortgage for loan / rental of bottles and access to the return schemes. The deposit is refunded upon delivery of both non-combustible or. combustible HFC refrigerant on return. Your SME-approved wholesaler, which offers a return scheme for flammable HFC refrigerants, guarantees you correct and environmentally sound disposal of the spent refrigerant, so that it does not burden the globe in the future.

KMO also ensures that you and your car or refrigeration company can get EU environmental approvals, so you have to work with HFC refrigerants. Through cooperation and agreements with the auto and refrigeration industry's most professional suppliers, KMO also ensures that you buy environmentally friendly and safe when you buy refrigerants from KMO-approved refrigerant suppliers.

On KMO's website -> Alt-Autobranchen / Alt-Kølebranchen -> Refrigerants you will find the list of safe and KMO-approved refrigerant suppliers. For the refrigeration industry, you will also find refrigerant suppliers here, where in addition to this you can use KMO's return schemes.